TNM Super League

Big Bullets defended the title in 2015

Big Bullets defended the title in 2015

The Malawi Super League also known under the sponsorship name of TNM Super League, is the top football division in Malawi. It was created in 1986 and was first sponsored by Gillet Nacet. It was composed of 8 teams comprising of 5 teams from Blantyre and Districts Football League (BDFL) and 3 teams from Lilongwe and Districts Football League (BDFL). The first game was played on 15th March 1986 involving Mitco FC and Admarc Tigers FC (later known as Azam Tigers FC). Mitco FC won the game 1-0 a goal scored by Lameck Botha in the 21st minute there by becoming the first player to score a goal in the history of super league football in Malawi.

Malawian Mobile Telecommunications company TNM sponsors the league with K95 million annually and has been sponsoring the league since 2006. The league has 15 teams and its season run from April to December. It is organized and administered by the Super League of Malawi, who are an affiliate of FAM, on behalf of FAM.

The champions of the Super League qualifies for the CAF Champions League


Promotion and Relegation

Three bottom placed teams at the end of the season are relegated to the regional leagues depending to a particular region that team comes from.

There are three regional leagues  that feeds the Super league and these are the Southern Region Football League, The Chipuku Central Region Football League and the Simama Northern Region Football League.

The champions of the  each of the three regions earn promotion into the Super League.

2015 Relegated teams

Fisd Wizzards (Blantyre)- SRFL

Airborne Rangers (Salima)-CRFL

DedzaYoung Soccer (Dedza)-NRFL


2015 Promoted teams

Max Bullets FC South
Dwangwa United Centre
Chirumba Barracks North


2016 Participating Teams

Big Bullets FC Blantyre
Max Bullets FC Blantyre
Blue Eagles FC Lilongwe
CIVO United F Lilongwe
Dwangwa United Dwangwaa
EPAC United FC Lilongwe
Kamuzu Barracks FC Lilongwe
Mighty Wanderers FC Blantyre
Moyale Barracks F Mzuzu
Chilumba Barracks FC Karonga
Red Lions FC Zomba
Silver Strikers FC Lilongwe
Mzuni FC Mzuzu
Azam Tigers FC Blantyre



1986  Bata Bullets (Blantyre)
1987 CIVO United (Lilongwe)
1988 MDC United (Blantyre)
1989 ADMARC Tigers (Blantyre)
1990 Limbe Leaf Wanderers (Blantyre)
1991 Bata Bullets (Blantyre)
1992 Bata Bullets (Blantyre)
1993 Silver Strikers (Lilongwe)
1994 Silver Strikers (Lilongwe)
1995 Limbe Leaf Wanderers (Blantyre)
1995-96  Silver Strikers (Lilongwe)
1996-97 Telecom Wanderers (Blantyre)
1997-98 Telecom Wanderers (Blantyre)
1998-99  Bata Bullets (Blantyre)
1999-00  Bata Bullets (Blantyre)
2000-01  Total Big Bullets (Blantyre)
2001-02 Total Big Bullets (Blantyre)
2002-03 Bakili Bullets (Blantyre)
2004 Bakili Bullets (Blantyre)
2005-06 Big Bullets (Blantyre)
2006 MTL Wanderers (Blantyre)
2007 Escom United (Blantyre)
2008  Silver Strikers (Lilongwe)
2009 Silver Strikers (Lilongwe)
2010 Escom United (Blantyre)
2011  Silver Strikers (Lilongwe)
2012  Silver Strikers (Lilongwe)
2013  Silver Strikers (Lilongwe)
2014  Big Bullets FC ( Blantyre)
2015  Big Bullets FC ( Blantyre)

Top Goal scorers since 2001-02 season

2001/02 Heston Munthali MDC 24
2002/03 Ganizani Malunga Total Big Bullets 29
2004 Rodrick Douglas Illovo 18
2005 Aggrey Kanyenda MTL Wanderers 26
2006 Aggrey Kanyenda MTL Wanderers 18
2007 Chiukepo Msowoya Escom United 17
2008 Diverson Mlozi Big Bullets 14
2009 Tony Chitsulo Silver Strikers 17
2010 Chikondi Mpulula/ Luka Milanzi Blue Eagles/ Escom 18
2011 Ishmael Thindwa Epac FC 18
2012 Vincent Chinthenga Bvumbwe Research 18
2013 Ishmael Thindwa Epac FC 18
2014 Gastin Simkonda Moyale 18
2015 Chiukepo Msowoya/Innocent Bokosi Big Bullets/ Red Lions 14