Football for Health

For more than 15 years, effective prevention of injuries in professional football has been the top priority of FIFA’s Medical Committee and Medical Assessment and Research Centre (F-MARC). Now, having ensured the health and safety of football, they are moving beyond the professional game.

“The 11 For Health” project is exploring football’s unique potential to improve the health not only of individuals but of communities worldwide. Lack of fitness is the number one cause of death in our society. A healthy and effective way of preventing this is by playing football.

The 11 For Health Programme was launched in Malawi by FIFA on 8th August 2011. The event took place at Chiwembe Technical and Development Centre in Blantyre.

Football for Health encompasses the FIFA philosophy that football is a health-enhancing activity for all people of all ages. The 11 for Health programme is a series of football-based sessions aimed at encouraging physical activity and educating children about healthy behaviours related to some of the world’s health problems.