• March 11, 2019
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All is set to fully roll out the Mpira Connect, an online stakeholder’s registration platform after FAM finished training relevant officials on operating the platform with a workshop for Southern Region officials over the weekend.


Zakazaka in white during one of the  Workshops

FAM has in the past three weeks organized four workshops for Super League clubs and regional officials in all the three regions

The Association’s Competitions and Communications Director Gomezgani Zakazaka, who is also FIFA Connect Instructor, said FAM has trained over 86 officials and expect all to start transacting in the platform as FAM moves towards the era of No Connect No Football.

“Starting from this season, it is a mandatory for all football stakeholders like club and team officials, Coaches, Referees, as well as players to be registered online. Now that we have finished training these officials, we expect them to implement what we have taught them for their respective institutions”,said Zakazaka .

Zakazaka said the FIFA Connect platform will help the football organising body to systematically organize its stakeholders information.

“Once we have all the stakeholders registered in the system, it’s going to be easy to maintain their data unlikely the current situation of using papers.

“The system will also help curb age cheating among the players because once we punch in their details, there is no way one can change the information. The system will also establish a blueprint on what all the football stakeholders have done in their entire football career,” he said.

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