Broadcasters urged to promote football brand

  • February 16, 2019
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Football Association of Malawi (FAM) has urged broadcasters in the country to make efforts in making live football coverage  a strategic focus area to enable the football broadcast industry grow.

FAM officials and Media  representatives pose for photo after the seminar- PIC: Pamela Tonex

This was highlighted during a Media Broadcasting Rights Consultative meeting aimed at sharing ideas on growing the football broadcast industry which FAM hosted at the Mpira Village on Friday.

FAM Commercial and Marketing Director Limbani Matola said broadcasters should work on adding value to the football brand through consistent live broadcast of games .

“We are failing to make a breakthrough in Football broadcasting because most media houses do not priorities football as they have other areas of focus like politics and religion.

“It is our wish that from this year going forward, Malawi football should be broadcast on radio, TV or even online every week. If we do that, we will build this brand and it will be easier to get sponsors on board and then money for everyone,” said Matola.

He also called upon broadcasters to collaborate so that they can jointly meet CAF/ FIFA, requirements to produce home international matches.

“When we have international matches, CAF or FIFA send foreign companies to produce the matches because we fail to meet the requirements as individual media houses. We have equipment and manpower in the country. All what we need here is to consolidate the strengths from various broadcasters so that by the end of the day, we are able to broadcast live international games and share the revenue,” he said.

Angaliba Media group Managing Director Rodrick Mulonya hailed FAM for organizing the meeting and concurred with Matola on urging media houses to stop working in isolation.

“The problem in Malawi is that we work as individuals. Everyone thinks they are best than the other and can’t work together. If we join forces, we have the capacity to produce an international match of any standard and share revenue. We will be all winners but currently we are losing out,” said Mulonya.

Mibawa Television Managing Director John Nthakomwa added that the broadcasters should do more than just broadcasting live matches to build a football brand that will be sold to advertisers.

“We struggling to broadcast football week in week out because we don’t have money as it is difficult to get advertisers on board. This is because the corporate world does not see football as a brand to associate with. We have the task to change that perception to build the brand by going an extra mile in promoting the game beyond the 90 minutes,” said Nthakomwa .

The Media Broadcasting Rights Consultative meeting brought together marketing managers, sports editors and producers from media houses that are active in broadcasting live football games.

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